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CA Scholarship Federation (CSF)

CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION (CSF) Application - Due: Friday, October 6, 2023

  • Click on the link above, download the application and open it for a fillable version. Once you've filled out the form, make sure to save it.*
  • Freshman grades do not count - do not apply until the second semester of your Sophomore year*

The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is a statewide non-monetary scholarship society founded in 1921 to recognize academic achievement. Membership is not automatic. All eligible students (10th-12th grade) must apply during the enrollment period. The enrollment period is the first four weeks of each semester.The goal of every CSF member is to be designated a seal bearer/life member. A seal bearer can receive a gold seal on their diploma, and receive the official life membership pin. In order to earn this honor, a student must be eligible and apply for membership four out of the last six semesters. One of the last four semesters must be from the senior year. 

Awards & Scholarships available to eligible CSF members:


The award is in memory of Charles F. Seymour and his devoted wife, Marian H. Seymour, who together supplied the inspiration and leadership that fostered the California Scholarship Federation.

To be eligible for this award, you’ll have to be nominated by your CSF Adviser.  Meanwhile, you must have earned Sealbearer status by the end of the first semester of your Senior year.  The application starts on January 1 every year and closes February 18th.  The total value of the award is $100,000 and 50 graduating Sealbearers receive $2,000 each.  However, five of these 50, one per region, receive an additional $3,000 as the regional award recipient.  Thus, the award is regarded as one of the highest scholastic honors given to secondary school graduates in the state of California.


This CSF award is in memory of the late Glenn Michelson, past 20-year CSF adviser of Sequoia High School in Redwood City and past Board of Directors member.  Glenn bequeathed funds to CSF upon his passing, and the Board of Directors voted to have an annual essay contest in Glenn’s honor open to high school CSF seniors who have a passion for service. Therefore, the due date for this award is December 22nd, Glenn’s birthday.

All Junior and Senior California Scholarship Federation members are eligible to apply.  Application for this CSF award begins November 1, and closes December 22nd every year.  The total value of this CSF award is $1,000 and it is available to all juniors and seniors who are members of a CSF chapter in good standing.


This award recognizes graduating Life Members who demonstrate great effort and motivation, have great potential but are overlooked in other awards. However, to be qualified for this award you’ll need to demonstrate financial need.  In addition, the award selects five students, one in each CSF region. Advisers of CSF chapters in good standing may nominate one candidate, and a committee of Board members selects one recipient for each region.  Nominations open January 1 and end March 1 every year.

The total value of this CSF award is $1,000.