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Regular attendance to all classes on a daily basis is a vital factor for academic achievement. Whether a student plans to attend college or join a workforce, attendance will be a major consideration for their success. Pursuant to California Education Code, it is the duty of each parent, guardian, or person having control or custody of a minor, to compel and guarantee regular and prompt attendance to class. 

Verification of an absence needs to be obtained by the Attendance Office within 24 hours. The verification must include the date, time, and reason for the absence in writing or by telephone. Verifications by phone will be made to 805-771-1855 between the hours of 7:30 and 9:00 am. A parent can also send a note or an email to the new Attendance Secretary.  Absences that are not cleared within 48 hours are considered unexcused or truant and disciplinary action will be taken.

If a student is absent due to illness or doctor/dental appointments more than 10% of the school days to date, or total days of the school year, or more than three consecutive days, the student must provide a doctor's note for every additional absence throughout the remainder of the year.  Failure to provide the verification will result in an unexcused absence.  Automated phone calls go out twice per day for unverified absences.  

In accordance with California Education Code, the following are the only excused absences:

Illness verified by parent/guardian - medical, dental, optometrist, or chiropractic appointments - funeral service for immediate family - jury duty or an appearance in court - observance of a holiday, religious ceremony, or retreat

All other reasons for an absence are considered unexcused even if verified by parent/guardian.  A student is allowed three unexcused absences prior to being considered truant.  Any unexcused absences after three are considered truancies and the school will initiate the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) process.  


Sandi Asquith
Attendance Secretary

Ms. Asquith, Attendance Secretary