Checkout Process


Parents are requested to give as much notice as possible, either written or verbal, to the Registrar with the expected "last day of attendance" as the first step in the checkout process.

Checkout Process:

If you are moving or transferring to another school during the school year, then your student will need to pick up a Checkout Card from the Registrar's office preferably two days before the last day of attendance. Over the last two days of school the student will take the checkout card to each class, return any books or "loaned" classroom equipment, and have the teacher sign off the current checkout grade. The student will also need to be cleared from the Library, Cafeteria, Athletics Department, and resolve any previous obligations with the ASB Account Clerk.

Once the student is cleared the Registrar will prepare all the necessary enrollment documents for the forwarding school, including current check out grades, unofficial transcript, immunization records, etc., in a sealed envelope.

If you are moving or transferring to another school over summer break, a Checkout Card is not required, however, it is still important to notify the Registrar either by email or phone at (805) 771-1845 ext. 32903.

Lockers and PE lockers should be cleaned out.

IMPORTANT: If your student is moving to a school outside of our District, then the student's SLCUSD account will be deactivated. The original items will no longer be accessible, even if placed in a personal account. It's very important to make a copy right away. Please follow these instructions.

Rachelle Paris, MBHS Registrar

Phone: (805) 771-1845 ext 32903


Fax: (805) 772-5944