Register for Classes

MBHS Registration

Before registering for your MBHS classes be sure to use the following items as a reference in helping to select the appropriate classes for fall:

  • Transcript
  • Only Incoming 9th grade: Registration Slideshow
  • Check A-G eligibility by clicking A-G College Pathway
  • See the CTE Pathways by clicking Career and College Pathways
  • Use the COURSE OFFERING HANDBOOK to read details about course and prerequisites

2019-2020 Course Offering Handbook (English Version) 

2019-2020 Course Offering Handbook (Spanish Version)

4 Year Plan Worksheet


Begin registering online:

  • Log-in to PowerSchool here.
  • Click "Class Registration"
  • Click the pencil on the far right and begin selecting English, Social Science, Math, etc.
  • Complete through line 12.
  • Click "A" and "B" for year long courses
  • If you do not want a zero period click the pencil and select "unscheduled".
  • Select alternate courses. This is important if your first choice courses are unavailable or do not work in your schedule for fall/spring.

Only 11th and 12th graders receive a free period by one of the following:

  • Taking a Cuesta Enrichment course
  • An approved online course
  • Enroll in a zero period
  • Enroll in a 7th period athletic, work experience, or choir class
  • All grades 9-12 must be enrolled in a total of six classes

Register for MBHS Summer School

Summer School is a great way to make up courses or get a head start on your academic plan! 

Summer School Registration begins in May 2020. 

Register for Cuesta Enrichment

See your MBHS counselor about taking enrichment courses at Cuesta College...

To begin the process:

1. Applying to Cuesta College

  • Click here: Cuesta College
  • Scroll to Dual Enrollment Table - Enrichment Program
  • Once you apply, you as the student will receive an email with your MYCUESTA account username and password.

2. Fill out the Cuesta College High School Permit to Enroll form

  • Click here: Permit to Enroll Form
  • Special Note: If you are planning to take a math or English course, students must complete the Online Orientation prior to registering for the course. Online Orientation Link Once completed attach the Certificate of Completion to your Permit to Enroll form.
  • Turn Permit to Enroll into the Counseling Secretaries Office to be faxed to Cuesta College or you as the student can turn the form into Cuesta College Admissions Office.

3. Find the course that you plan to register for Summer, Fall or Spring term.

4. Register for the course using your MYCUESTA account

5. Send Cuesta Official Transcript to MBHS Registrar to update your high school transcript