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Career Information

An interest in athletics, exercise, or sports can lead to a variety of different careers within the sports and exercise industries. You might choose to pursue a career in coaching at the high school, college, or even professional level. Other career options include fitness trainers, recreation workers, physical education instructors, physical therapists, sports medicine, human kinetics, sports nutritionists, and even sport psychologists.

Job samples:

Salaries vary depending upon experience, training and expertise. These are samples of median salaries in this industry sector.

High School Diploma and equivalent

Personal Trainer

A personal trainer works one-on-one with a client to develop and implement a fitness training regimen that helps them lose weight, get stronger, improve physical performance or maintain their health.

2020 Annual Median Salary … $61,000

Associate’s Degree

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Occupational therapy assistants and aides work primarily in occupational therapists’ offices, in hospitals, and in nursing care facilities.

2019 Annual Median Salary ….. $54,000

Bachelor’s Degree

Sports Nutritionist

Sports Nutritionist design and oversee nutritional plans for professional athletes, fitness club members, and school and community sports teams.

2020 Annual Median Salary …. $52,000