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Career Information

Mathematicians have well-developed skills in logical thinking and problem solving. They are experts at analyzing data and creating models to extract meaningful conclusions. They can identify patterns and use quantitative data to construct solutions. That's why the kind of jobs you can get with a math degree are so diverse. You could pursue careers in areas like insurance, banking, education, logistics, and more.

Job samples:

Salaries vary depending upon experience, training and expertise. These are samples of median salaries in this industry sector.

High school diploma or equivalent


Carpenters assume a wide job scope that includes examining blueprints and drawings, determining and estimating project materials and requirements, constructing and repairing building structures and frameworks, and demolishing metal and wooden structures and fixtures.

2020 Annual Median Salary …. $56,000

Associate’s Degree

Mechanical Engineering Technician

Mechanical Engineering Technicians use their creativity and understanding of scientific principles to help solve practical problems and make industrial processes more efficient.

2020 Annual Median Income……$45,000

Bachelor’s Degree


Engineers apply the principles of science and math to develop economical solutions to technical problems. There are different types of engineers such as mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, or aerospace engineers.

2020 Annual Median Salary …. $109,000