Host a 2019-20 Exchange Student!

Monday, Jul 1st

Educatius provides host families with a monthly stipend and an orientation to prepare for the student's arrival as well as 24/7 local and national support with an emergency hotline. Contact Aspen Perkins at if you are interested in hosting a MBHS International Student for the 2019-2020 school year.


Fernanda is a Brazilian girl that will be here for first semester with the option to extend for a full year if she chooses. She will be a senior at Morro Bay HS. She loves helping animals & hopes her host family will have some for her to love. Helping animals is very important to her and she enjoys working with rescue animals in Brazil. She is close to her family and enjoys spending a lot of time with them! She says that she is not a picky eater but she really doesn’t like carrots!

Mari Joy is a Norwegian girl and she will be a senior at Morro Bay HS. She is so excited to come to the US and live with a host family. She says she rarely has a bad day and she likes to spread joy. She enjoys the different relationships that she has with each of her family members. She plays the piano and sings with her dad, plays video games with her brother and does girly stuff with her mom. She does have severe allergies to walnuts & hazelnuts as well as mild allergies to cats and dogs. She enjoys making and editing movies. She would love a Christian host family, but it isn’t required. She will be here for the whole school year.

Pol is a young man from Spain. He will be a senior at Morro Bay HS. He values his adaptability and appreciates honesty in others. He loves all kinds of sports and is looking forward to getting out of his comfort zone and experiencing new things. He is kind, helpful and cheerful. He & his family love to travel and learn about new cultures. He will be here for the whole school year.

Alex is a young man from Spain. He will be attending the first semester of his Junior year at Morro Bay HS. Alex will be attending Morro Bay HS for the first semester with the option to extend if he chooses. His peers describe him as organized & responsible. He likes keeping things in order. He plays tennis & runs once per week. He says that sports help relieve his stress. He hopes to have a host family with siblings around his age. He is looking forward to new experiences. His interests include going to movies, horseback riding, tennis, swimming, photography and more.

Johanne is a young lady from Norway. She will be attending Morro Bay HS for the 2019-20 school year. She enjoys soccer, traveling, skiing and running. She also loves animals, working out, photography and videography. She has a younger brother that she is very close to and enjoys spending time with. She describes herself as independent and a peacemaker. She tries to see the positive in all situations and tries to see things from both sides. She doesn’t eat meat and prefers to eat at least semi-healthy. She is looking forward to sharing her culture and cooking with her host family as well as learning from them!

Paula is from Spain. Paula is excited to attend Morro Bay HS for the first semester. She wants to study Law & Criminology. She enjoys watching tv series & films, she really enjoys drawing as well. She really loves reading crime novels & writing. She also really enjoys travelling & learning new things. She plays the piano and always tries to smile at others even when she isn’t at her best. She hopes to live with a family that has other children too. She values, honesty, respect, sincerity and punctuality!

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