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Graduation Requirements

There are three basic requirements needed to graduate from Morro Bay High School: core requirements, elective requirements, and total credits. 

Core Requirements

Credits   Course Requirements
40 English
30 Mathematics (must include Algebra)
20 PE (unless exempted)
20 Science (must include 2 semesters of Life Science and 2 semesters of Physical Science
30 Social Science - US & World History, American Gov & Economics, AP Gov & Politics and AP Macroeconomics 
10 Foreign Language, Visual and Performing Arts, or CTE
5 Health
155 Total Core Requirement
75 Elective Requirement



155 Core Requirements
75 Elective Requirements
230 Total Credits

Five credits are awarded for the successful completion of each semester course with a grade of "D" or better.

Alternative Paths to Meet Graduation Requirements

1. Early Graduation Process
A student who wishes to graduate early should meet with his/her counselor and obtain an Early Graduation Petition. All graduation requirements must be met prior to early graduation. Students will be allowed to return for senior activities and commencement.

2. Foreign Exchange
Students are encouraged to work with recognized foreign exchange organizations to ensure quality placement in other countries. The counselor, parents, and student will agree upon and sign a foreign exchange contract, which indicates the courses required for graduation.

3. Concurrent and Accelerated Process
Students may enroll in college courses to fulfill high school requirements and/or to complete college enrichment courses.  Students should meet with their counselor to discuss these options.