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Counselor's Corner (Monthly Newsletter)

2017-2018 Course Registration for current MBHS Students:

It’s hard to believe we are beginning the registration process for next year, yet it is here. The counseling team at MBHS is excited to get the registration process started for the 2017-18 school year. Here is a timeline of the registration process.

Counselors will be delivering their annual registration meetings to all students in their English classes, beginning February and completing in March. See scheduled classroom visits below:

11th grade English classes—February 21st –February 27th

10th grade English classes—February 28th –March 6th

9th grade English classes----March 7th – March 22nd

In our presentations we cover grade level registration information that will help students/families choose their course requests for next year. Remember these are only course requests at this point, and you will still be able to change your requests when your student meets with his/her counselor to answer questions and check appropriateness of courses requested.

Parents you can help your student by reviewing their course material and selections, and then sign the course request form. Your student then returns it to their English teachers, to be deliver to the counseling department. Once we receive their course requests with parent signature, we will schedule a meeting with your student, to make sure their course requests match graduation requirements and post-high school college & career goals.

Click HERE for more information about how to Register for Classes.

After you review the registration materials, and still have questions, please contact Mrs. Smith (A-Le) or Ms. Sheridan (Li- Z) or by phone 771-1845.

Thank you and we look forward to meeting with you and your student!