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Includes the following information:

  • MBHS High School Diploma Requirements
  • Meeting A-G requirements for college admissions
  • Course descriptions and prerequisites

2016-2017 English Version           2017-2018 English Version

2016-17 Cursos Ofrecidos


We are excited about our new course sequence for Science classes at MBHS! Please read the attached letter explaining the changes that will take effect in the 2017-18 school year.

Click here to read letter: NGSS


The counselors are in the classrooms three times a year to deliver important information to help students meet their educational goals. Click on the Counseling Calendar to see the topics that are covered by grade level.



Current Pirate Students:

Before registering for your classes be sure to use the following items as a reference in helping to select the appropriate classes for fall:

  • Transcript
  • Check A-G eligibility by clicking A-G College Pathway
  • Use the course offering handbook to read details about course and prerequisites
Power School log-in directions:
  1. Select courses by logging on Powerschool
  2. Click "Class Registration"
  3. Click the pencil on the far right next to the red exclamation.
  4. Courses are listed in alphabetical order.
  5. Click "A" and "B" for year long courses
  6. If the course is not a yearlong course select a first and second semester course.
  7. A student must sign up for "six" classes. Complete through "line 12."
  8. Select zero (yes, I would like a zero period) or unscheduled zero (no, I do not want a zero period)
  9. Select alternate courses if your first choice courses are unavailable or do not work in your schedule for fall/spring.
Only 11th and 12th graders receive a free period by:
  1. taking a Cuesta Enrichment course
  2. an approved online course
  3. sign-up for a zero period
  4. enroll in athletics, work experience or choir

All grades 9-12 must be enrolled in a total of six classes


Naviance Log-in directions:

  1. Log in to Naviance
  2. Use your Power School user name and password.
  3. Complete your Educational Plan by clicking the "Courses Tab."
  4. Manage My Course Plans
  5. Choose your plan by either selecting MBHS Grad Plan or UC/CSU Plan
  6. To view a quick look at your Educational Plan; Click Review Finalize
  7. To Modify and Add classes; Begin clicking the subjects under Requirements (left side) starting with Social Studies.
  8. For each subject click and Add Selected Courses to Draft Plan
  9. By clicking Scan Your Plan, it will compare your college readines.
  10. Once completed you will be able to monitor, edit and revise your plan on your Naviance account.


Become an Enrichment Student by taking a class at Cuesta College

It takes three easy steps:

  1. Apply
  2. Complete the High School Enrichment form
  3. Register for the course

To Begin the Process:

  • Log into your Naviance account and click the link on the left "Cuesta Enrichment"
  • A 3 unit college course equals 10 credits of high school credits; under 3 unit college course equals 5 credits 
  • Remember after completing your course have your college transcript sent to MBHS to receive credit.
Common enrichment courses taken at Cuesta by MBHS students are the following:
  • MBHS World History A/B
    • Cuesta College World Hist 204b
  • MBHS US History A/B
    • Cuesta College USHist 207b
  • MBHS Government
    • POLS 202
  • MBHS Economics
    • Econ201B
  • MBHS Visual and Performing Arts
    • Art 200
  • MBHS Foreign Language
    • ASL 201 and 202 (Sign Language)

Click HERE for Frequently Asked Questions

Online Programs

  • When selecting an online program or class it is important to be sure the program is accredited.
  • If one is planning to apply to a four year university post high school graduation, make sure the course is A-G approved.

Summer School:

2017 Summer School Applications are now available for pick up in the Counseling Department or may be downloaded below. Student MUST check the correct box for OC (Original Credit), CR (Credit Recovery), or GR (Grade Recovery). 

ENGLISH version             2017 Escuela de Verano

Please return completed applications to the Counseling Secretary prior to the following deadlines: 

  • Original Credit Application Due: May 5, 2017
  • Grade/Credit Recovery Application Due: May 26, 2017


PowerSchool is a great tool for the student and parent to monitor academic progress, contacting teachers through email, viewing attendance, and tardies. You may also download the free PowerSchool app from any internet-connected device (District code: WHLR).

To check grades:

  • S1/S2 is the 'current grade' for the semester; P1/Q1/P2 & P3/Q3/P4 are the stored report card grades. 
  • Click the grade in blue font
  • One will see a list of assignments with a grade received

To contact a teacher:

  • Click the teacher's name in blue font
  • The teacher's email will appear and you may send an email to the teacher regarding any questions or concerns

It is encouraged that both student and parent set time aside weekly to review grades and assignments on Power School to help towards academic success. 


Visit the Counseling Secretary's Office to get a list of current tutors.


Resources available for those in need are provided by:

MBHS Contact Staff: Mr. Juday; email:

Contact your MBHS Counselor to be connected with these community resources.


Follow the link above to our Attendance Department to download forms and learn more about our Independent Study program available for students who miss 5-20 consecutive days of school.